MSI Team

Administrative Team

The Molding Services Inc. administration team is made up of a group of expert administrators who work together to provide the best possible service and support to our clients.

Janice Johnstone

Office Manager

Janice has been the Office Manager of Molding Services for over twenty years. She is responsible for all office procedures and handles the accounting functions for the firm.

In addition to her responsibilities as Office Manager, Janice also managed to acquire not only two PPP Loans but also the forgiveness of those loans and a local Restore & Rebuild low-interest loan to keep MSI on secure footing throughout the unprecedented times caused by the global pandemic.

Debbie King

Purchasing & Cash Control Manager

Debbie joined Molding Services Inc. in 1991 and has been involved in almost every aspect of the company. She is currently the Purchasing & Cash Control Manager, with a natural ability to streamline efficiencies. She may also be found assisting with any position in the office or on the plant floor whenever the need arises. Debbie wears many hats and is always willing to lend a hand where needed. Debbie is an integral part of our team, and MSI is grateful for all that she does.

Your Partner in Plastic

Production Team

David Grimes

Molding Services is extremely fortunate to have acquired the talents of David Grimes over fifteen years ago. Mr. Grimes has a background that involves handling the maintenance crews at multiple plant locations, constructing one-of-a-kind solutions for manufacturing trials, and managing the day-to-day operations of multiple plants. Dave can be counted on to think outside the box and solve problems many times before they even happen.

Jerry Dallmier

Since 2005, Jerry has been a Warehouse Manager at MSI. He brings a wealth of experience in warehouse management and logistics, which he has put to good use in his current role. Jerry is responsible for organizing and maintaining the finished and raw goods inventory at MSI and managing incoming and outgoing logistics. He also manages staff training in the safe use of tow motors and other inventory and logistics management aspects.


Cheryl Holley

Cheryl has been with MSI since 2002, and she’s held many positions within the company in that time. Her willingness to lead and adapt to the current needs makes her a valuable asset to the team. After the launch of Jet Filter in 2011, it became apparent that a full-time person should be devoted to this sector of the business. Cheryl stepped up and has led this unique project with her customary competence.

Production & Quality Control Auditors

Debra Mosier

Debra began employment at MSI in 2013. She quickly caught the attention of management for her work ethic and organization skills. She soon stepped into a Lead Auditor position where she not only handles the day shift, but also organizes the duties of the other two shifts. She is passionate about ensuring our clients are completely satisfied, and we are constantly striving to provide exceptional customer service.


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